For this weeks review, we stopped into the Beaver area to check out a local favorite that was recommended to us by one of our followers. Located on the main strip in Beaver, Mario’s Woodfired Pizzeria offers a cozy and relaxing atmosphere where patrons can enjoy a freshly made meal.


Upon walking into the establishment, we were impressed with its simplistic, yet beautiful atmosphere. It has an open-floor seating area with an open view into the kitchen area and the large oven that is used to cook their freshly made pizzas.

Tan colored walls and darker wood tables and chairs contrasted well and created a warm and colorful atmosphere. With the open-floor plan, the conversations of people blend together to create a lively ambiance full of laughter and fun. Combine this with the various aromas of food and it created a very relaxing and homely feeling.


With the atmosphere established, it’s time to talk about the food! Naturally, any establishment with pizza in their name must make a great pizza, so we decided to try one of their creations. Additionally, we tried one of their Panini sandwiches and one of their pasta entrées.

So starting with the pizza, they have a variety of different styles of pizza to choose from. Each comes in either a small or large size pizza. We tried their pizza that had crushed red tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, and salami. It was incredible!

The size shown in this photo is the large portion pizza and it was more than enough to satisfy us. The dough was light and delicious, the pizza was topped very well with fresh ingredients, and the flavors blended together perfectly to make an excellent meal.

We were going to take some of it home for lunch the next day, but it was so good that we couldn’t stop eating it! We are definitely going back to try some more of their pizza creations.
As for their Panini, we tried their Chicken Sandwich Panini. It included breaded chicken breast, roasted red peppers, and provolone cheese that was topped with spring mix, Kalamato olives, and was drizzled with red wine vinegar and olive oil. Not only did this creation look and sound amazing, it also tasted amazing!

All the fresh ingredients blended together perfectly to create a unique sandwich that is worth a try. Considering the price, the portion was also very generous as we had lunch for the next day.

Lastly, we tried one of their pasta dishes as well. Specifically, we tried their Linguine with Clams. The pasta and clams were served in a garlic wine butter sauce. Once again, we were amazed with Mario’s food. The pasta and clams were cooked to perfection and the sauce was freshly made. Just add some Parmesan cheese on top and just like that, we had an authentic Italian dish!

Our Mario’s experience wasn’t over yet. Before handing us our check, our friendly waitress asked us if we wanted any Gelato (ice cream for you non-Italians) for dessert. Well, the waitress took us over the where they kept the Gelato and after a few small samples, we had made our decisions. Now this Gelato was delicious and was a great way to end our evening, however we must give credit to the makers of these wonderful dessert creations.

Mercurio’s supplies the Gelato for Mario’s Woodfired Pizza. They had a variety of flavors during the night of our visit including; Caramel Latte, Mint Chocolate Chip, Pumpkin, and other various flavors.

Overall, our visit to Mario’s Woodfired Pizzeria was a wonderful experience. The food was great, the atmosphere was fun and relaxing, and the staff was genuine, polite, and sincere. What made our night eve more amazing was our bill. We were surprised at how well we made out given that we ordered three meals and had dessert.

So next time you are in the mood for a great home cooked meal or a freshly baked pizza, be sure to stop into Mario’s Woodfired Pizzeria, where they believe that, “meals should be made from scratch, with only the finest and freshest ingredients available,” (Motto on their menu).

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