Autumn is here, and seasonal flavors have hit store shelves everywhere. Over the past week, we have been searching for some of the strangest pumpkin/pumpkin spice flavored foods that are available this year.

We’ve searched local stores for interesting flavor combinations and had some input from friends and PGH Food Review readers.

Below we have the complete list of things we have found so far. We will continue to add to it as the month of October goes on.

  • Cream cheese

In addition to original cream cheese, Philadelphia brand offers a variety of flavors, including pumpkin spice.

  • Pop tarts

This is a brand known for all kinds of experimental and seasonal flavors, so of course Pop tarts gave pumpkin a shot. This is not the first time they have made these limited time pastries, and they fly off of shelves everywhere!

  • Almonds

You can find Blue Diamond or Giant Eagle Market District pumpkin flavored almonds.


  • Chili

Interesting. This is on top of the list of strange things for us.

  • Fudge Strip cookies

The reader who mentioned these cookies said they taste just like you’re eating pumpkin pie.

  • Butter

There was pumpkin spice cream cheese, which seemed interesting, but butter seems even more odd. Land O’ Lakes gave it a shot, though.


  • Coffee

GE Market District strikes again! This time with a pumpkin spice classic

  • Coffee creamer

Naturally, when you have pumpkin coffee it only makes sense to have cremer to match.

  • Chicken sausage

This is definitely toward the top of the “strangeness” list. If you’re feeling adventurous enough to try this, you can also try the apple and sweet potato flavors to get the full seasonal taste.


  • Granola/cereal

Giant Eagle Market District

  • Waffles

Giant Eagle Market District

  • Milkshakes/pies

These are time tested staples of the fall season. Restaurants across the nation have stepped up their dessert game by adding seasonal treats. The photo below was an Arby’s advertisement. If you’re looking for a local staple, check out Eat N’ Park’s dessert menu.


  • Ice cream

You can find ice cream in the local stores or in your favorite ice cream shops. Before Speedy’s Tasty Treats closed for the winter, they featured pumpkin as one of their daily flavors, as well as other pumpkin novelty products. Ask your local ice cream shop about pumpkin ice cream, too.

  • Ravioli

This is yet another Market District creation. Their selection is so large that we surely have missed some on our list. It’s funny that all of the strange flavor combinations seem to be GE MD products. Hey, they’re worth a try, though, right?

  • Pasta sauce

This is definitely one of the weirdest ones. We can’t understand how this would be good, but if you’re crazy for pumpkin flavoring, then we can understand that you would want to try it.


  • Pumpkin butter

Just like peanut butter or apple butter, this one is more of a classic.

  • Tortilla chips

“Sweet potato pumpkin tortillas” to be exact. Once again, Market District.

  • Little Debbie snack cakes

There are actually a few different snack cakes. One is a pumpkin spice roll, similar to a Swiss Roll, while the other one seems to be more like a pumpkin pie.

  • Oreos

Nabisco comes through for us all. You can buy either pumpkin spice Oreos or regular Oreo cookies with colored icing (orange, of course!).



Our vote for strangest food was split between the chicken sausage and the pasta sauce.

Keep checking back throughout October, because we will update the list when we find more pumpkin spice flavored foods.

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