For this week’s review, we stopped into a local pizza joint that we heard about when we were visiting Punk’s Ice Cream over the summer. We headed back out to the Baden area to give this local pizza place a try.

This place is truly the definition of a hole in the wall. It is located in the old Northern Lights Shopping Center. This used to be an area that was full of store tenants and businesses, but now is only home to a Giant Eagle and a few other businesses.

When we entered Napoli’s, we were surprised to see that it was also a small restaurant! There was seating in the front and the back that was split up by the pizza counter where the staff members made the pizzas fresh and then threw them into the oven behind them.

As we took our meal for the evening, we grabbed a menu and found that they serve a whole host of other food options besides just pizza. Napoli’s serves everything from appetizers and salads to dinners and hot sandwiches. With this in mind, we will definitely have to stop back in to check out their other options, but for now, lets talk about pizza.

We heard that Napoli’s makes a great Sicilian style pizza (square pizza for you non-Italians) so we decided to give it a try. It was fantastic! The pizza crust was thick, yet light and fluffy, the sauce was definitely homemade,  and the pizza was covered in cheese and toppings.

It was cut into 16 slices so that every square slice was almost equal in size. This style pizza would work perfectly for a party or sports event since this pizza gets more than the traditional 8-10 slices for a round pizza.

Another thing we tried was their Calzone. They make a few differnt style calzones; a Calzone Supreme that is loaded full of meats and veggies, a Steak and Cheese Calzone, and a Veggie Calzone. Lastly, they make a calzone with just cheese that can be customized with any combination of toppings you desire. We tried one and it was great! The calzone was a huge portion; it was bursting full of cheese and toppings when we cut into it and it came with a side of their homemade sauce.

The last thing we tried were their Garlic Sticks because no meal or pizza party would be complete without some form of breadstick, right? So we gave them a try and we loved them! The dough they use for their breadsticks is literally covered in a garlic and cheese glaze that packed these little bite sized breadsticks full of flavor! Add another side of Napoli’s homemade sauce and we were in heaven. We have to warn you, they are highly addictive so try them with caution!

Overall, Napoli’s is a genuine hole-in-the-wall establishment. The pizza tasted better than any other pizza that we have tried so far and maybe that is a result of the business still doing things the old fashioned way. They use homemade sauce, fresh ingredients, and fresh dough. Then end result of this combination was a perfectly made pizza and a bunch of satisfied customers. We definitely recommend giving Napoli’s a try!

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