With football season getting into full-swing, we decided that it was time for us to head out and find a great place to grab a beer and some good food while watching our favorite teams play. Well, we found one and we were not disappointed!

Industry Public House, located in Lawrenceville and North Fayette, serves American-style comfort cuisine,  cocktails and craft beer in a unique vintage style atmosphere that has modern accents. To put it simply, Industry has fantastic food, a great drink selection, and an atmosphere that is one-of-a-kind and memorable.


Upon walking in to the restaurant, we were amazed by the style and design of the restaurant. From our perspective, it looks as if they combined old industrial style designs with new modern style accents and layouts. Vintage style wood in both dark and light colors, rustic brick walls and flat-screen TV’s surround a modern-day bar that is loaded with all types of beers and mixed drink options to enjoy.

(Photo Credit: Industry Public House Gallery)

This creates a warm and inviting atmosphere within the restaurant that is both remarkable and unforgettable. Another thing we appreciated during both of our visits were the staff members. The general vibe we saw from them was upbeat and both of our servers were friendly and conversational.


Traditionally, we would begin to explain their food options before their drinks, but we had to make and exception here because we were so impressed with their selection. In addition to their main menu, there is a secondary menu that is handed out which contains all the beer and mixed drink specials for the evening.

On both nights we visited, the beer list was over three pages long, and, from what we heard from staff members, it changes almost everyday! They have every type of drink imaginable; cocktails, whiskey, wine, and an impressive list of tap beer that included almost every type and color of beer including local selections! If you are a beer-lover, than Industry is a must-try based on their selection alone.


Nothing complements a great beer better than a great meal, right? Industry has a great selection of meal choices which includes salads, sandwiches, burgers, entrees, appetizers and brunch options as well. From talking to the staff members, we found out that everything at Industry is made fresh in-house. With that in mind we made our selections for dinner and here’s what we found.

For appetizers, we tried their nachos with chicken added on top. Immediately we could taste the freshness that the staff members were talking about.

The cheese was freshly shredded and melted on top, the jalapenos were bright green and crisp, as were the chips, and the chicken was tender and juicy. We are very picky about our nachos on a personal level and these are the best ones that we have had in a long time. They are a must-try, especially if you are a nacho lover!

On to the main course. Industry has a variety of unique meals to choose from. From what we saw during our visit, their burgers, sandwiches and macaroni and cheese were their big sellers. One other thing that caught our eye that we thought was unique was their Tuna.

It is seared Ahi Tuna which came with Asian Slaw and dressed in a Teriyaki glaze. It was cooked perfectly as it was tender on the inside, yet had a slight crisp on the outside.

However, the one must-try meal that they serve is their Fish and Chips. It’s huge! So big that the one we ordered was folded under itself to fit on the plate. It has been, by far, the best tasting fish we have ever had! The fish was hot and tender on the inside and the batter was crispy and crunchy. To boot, they added fries and coleslaw to the meal. And if you’re are wondering, this fish tastes great with a tall glass of beer!

Now just in case you saved room for dessert, Industry does have a Bourbon Bread Pudding that is worth a try. It comes with peach compote, salted caramel, candied pecans, and vanilla bean ice cream. It was freshly made, was rich and delicious, and was a great way to cleanse our pallet after our wonderful meal and evening.


Industry Public House is a wonderful and upcoming restaurant. Their food is fresh and is noticeably different than most other chain restaurants that claim to make their meals fresh. Additionally, their beer and mixed drink selection is stacked full of options that will satisfy almost anyone’s pallet. Lastly, the staff and management are upbeat, professional and conversational which adds to uniqueness of the decor and theme of the restaurant.

So next time you are craving a tall glass of beer and a great freshly made meal, be sure to stop in at Industry Public House!

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