This week, we ventured back to Armstrong County to check out another local favorite. If you are a hoagie lover, then Miller’s Hoagie Shop is a must-try for you.

Miller’s has three locations- Ford City, Kittanning, and Elderton- and we visited two, Ford City and Kittanning.

It is an ideal take out meal, and we think this local shop beats Subway any day, which makes Miller’s a great place to share for the start of football season, tailgates and watch parties.

The restaurant’s slogan is “One of a kind, often imitated, NEVER DUPLICATED!” That may seem a little cliché, but in this case it is accurate. In fact, when my family visits out-of-town relatives they ask us to bring hoagies form the Hoagie Shop. It’s one of the things they miss from home, because the hoagies are just that great.

small-regularsPhoto courtesy of “Miller’s Hoagies” Facebook page.


You can order a variety of cold cut hoagies, or hot sandwiches made to your liking. Regular hoagies are a popular choice for cold sandwiches. Every Wednesday they offer a special: two small regulars for $5.55+tax.

During our most recent visit we tried the grilled ham sandwich and added cheese and mushrooms. We got a large, which was huge and delicious. The bun was fresh, and the ingredients were a perfect combination.

In addition to hoagies, you can also order some other fried foods if you want to add a side or aren’t in the mood for the hoagie. For example, we also tried the chicken strips and fries. While fried foods aren’t exactly Miller’s claim to fame, it all tasted good.


Finally, if you are looking for a lighter option you can check out the salad menu and order yourself a fresh, tasty lunch.


Like we said, take-out is a popular eating option. There are dining rooms inside, but they aren’t the focus to draw customers in, mainly because the food does that for itself. The Ford City dining room is fairly small, while Kittanning’s is larger and feels more comfortable to sit in and visit with friends or family.

The nice thing about the Ford City location is that the building has large windows overlooking the city park and a few popular local stops. You can choose to sit inside and people watch, or cross the street and eat at the picnic tables in the park. Kittanning’s Hoagie Shop is located only about a block away from their city park, which also has picnic tables, gazeebos, and a river-front amphitheater.



Miller’s is a great meal no matter where you plan to eat it. We suggest trying different combinations of hoagies, both cold and hot until you find your favorite. Don’t forget the sides, too, because there are some tasty choices available in every section of the menu.

Once you taste Miller’s hoagies, sandwiches from chain sub shops will never taste as great.



  1. We used to eat at Miller’s all the time, but I think their hoagies went down hill over the past couple years. Years ago, they put so much tuna on their tuna hoagies that there would be a half cup of tuna on your plate by the time you were done eating. My husband and I got tuna hoagies 3 or 4 times over the past couple years and you couldn’t even taste the tuna on them because it was all lettuce and very little tuna. Miller’s in Kittanning used to be packed everyday and you would have to wait in a long line, but now you go in and there is maybe one person in line. If they went back to the way they used to make their hoagies, we would definitely start eating their again!


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