It’s Labor Day, aka the “Unofficial End of Summer.” Americans everywhere are hosting and attending picnics, and everyone seems to have their favorite foods. We’ve picked a few things to look for at your picnic.

1. Pie

“As American as apple pie.” This is a staple for holidays picnics, but we won’t narrow it down to one specific flavor. Depending on the host, you may find apple, blueberry, peach, or chocolate pies. It’s probably likely that you’ll be able to sample different flavors. Whether the pies are made from scratch using fresh ingredients, with premade crusts and fillings, or bought at your local Giant Eagle (8” pies are $3.99 this week!), we’re sure they will be a great choice.

2. Hot Dogs

It’s almost a guarantee that you will find hot dogs at one of your picnics this weekend. Beef, pork, bun length, foot long, or anything in between, they may come in different varieties, but they’ll be there for sure.


3. Brownies

These may not be as much of a staple as some other picnic foods, but they taste amazing. If chewy, warm homemade brownies find their way on the food table at your picnic, be sure to try them out. They may or may not have icing and sprinkles, but either way they will be great! For a different twist on this classic treat, the brownies pictured above have caramel on top. (Just be careful if you have nut allergies, because some people put peanuts or walnuts inside brownies.)

4. Chips and dip

You will probably find several different varieties of potato chips on the food table, like sour cream and onion, barbecue, original, or even pretzels. Alongside the bags of chips you may find dips, some traditional flavors, and others like strawberry or peanut butter dips.

Nacho chips are probably one of the most common, and can be paired with cheese dips, buffalo chicken dip, or salsa.

5. Candy

Many communities just had parades over the weekend celebrating Labor Day, and Pittsburgh’s was just this morning. It is not uncommon to find a bowl full of parade candy sitting at the end of the food table for guests to help themselves to. Some favorites in that bowl may be Tootsie Rolls (regular or fruit flavors), lollipops, bubble gum, sour candies, and Laffy Taffy.

You may also find a tray of other candy, like M&Ms, gummy bears, and other sweet treats.

ice cream.jpgOther favorites:

Ice cream,


Potato/Macaroni salad,


Baked beans


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